Sterling Proffer

Sterling Proffer

I am a business strategist and entrepreneur focused on designing & building sustainable systems to support creative work.

My business is Creator Aligned Projects. We help creative people make & sustain a living without burning out. We do this by:

  1. Helping organizations compete over who can be the nicest to creators—not just through marketing, but also through their business model. This is an economic necessity for any business that wants to become or remain competitive.
  2. Providing creators with access to knowledge, resources, and relationships they need to run their business. There are wonderful people helping YouTubers, TikTokers, and course-builders, and I’ll link to them liberally. I’m focused on musicians, podcasters, filmmakers, and writers.

My story, working backwards

  • My 20s: I spent a decade at VICE. With a group of insanely talented people, I helped (a) launch several media properties and (b) build departments (Growth, Business Strategy, Strategic Partnerships, Data & Analytics). I wrote decks. Lots of decks.
  • Takeaway: willing something from nothing is an incredible feat; sustaining it is another.

  • Before that: I studied film & entrepreneurship, booked concerts, and played in a band. During the summers, I interned at Viacom (TV sales), CAA (mailroom) & the MPAA (Glickman’s office).
  • Takeaway: the media industry was changing, and it was better to be on the side driving the change vs. reacting to it.

  • And all the way back: I grew up in a recording studio. I started playing music when I was 5, then writing when I was 12. Thought about pursuing music professionally, but decided the business side was right for me.
  • Takeaway: it takes deep conviction to pursue a career as a creator.

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